Asscher Cut Loose Moissanite Stone

First produced by the Asscher Brothers of Holland, the Asscher Cut regained popularity after a slight modification to the cut technique. The Asscher Cut Loose Moissanite Stone is an alternative to the Emerald Cut, with a smaller table and more layered facets. Brilliance is achieved through light reflection among the square facets seen underneath the table. The Asscher CutÕs trimmed corners give it extra style and stability. While similar to the Emerald Cut, the Asscher tends to offer a bit more sparkle, due to its high crown and facets.

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Carat Size Selection

* You can select from 0.75 – 5.62 carat for the Asscher Cut Moissanite Stone.

Stone Colour Selection

Along with the stone size and quantity you can also choose the colour of the stone/s in either D, G, I, Black, Light Yellow Gold, Intense Yellow Gold, Vivid Fancy Yellow Gold, Light Green, Intense Green, Light Blue, Intense Blue, Light Pink, Intense Pink and Vivid Fancy Pink.

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Stone Facets

Additional information

All our Moissanite stones are of the highest quality with a 9.5 hardness on the Mohs scale. All stones above 0,5 carat are accompanied with certificates that describe the stone dimension, colour, clarity, cut quality, symmetry and polish quality. Each certified stone is laser inscribed with a unique serial number for easy identification on the Global Gemological Resesarch Institute (GRI) website which is the world's Gem Certification Authority/Laboratory. All our Moissanite stones have a lifetime warranty on all the custom jewellery pieces we make.

Available Colours

D, G, I, Black, Light Yellow Gold, Deep Yellow Gold, Vivid Fancy Yellow Gold, Light Green, Dark Green, Light Blue and Dark Blue

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